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                BEIER MACHINERY
                The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China

                JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY achieves great success in Chinaplas2018

                Time:2018-05-04 15:37

                This year has the greatest population of visitors in Chinaplas history. The total number of the visitors is 180701, which has been the highest record. Compared to the Chinaplas2016 in Shanghai, the number of visitors has increased about 21.62%. The overseas visitors this year account for 26.51%(47900 people). It is a great event in plastic industry of the world.

                BEIER Machinery and BESTAR have attracted a lot of attention during the exhibition. Every day, there are about a thousand people came to visit our booth. Before the exhibition, our sales team invited customers to visit Chinaplas2018 by email or phone. Besides, our marketing department booked a huge advertisement board at the entrance of south hall to guide visitors to locate us. During the exhibition, BESTAR is commissioning its latest developed blow molding machine and attracted a lot of visitors. BEIER’s enthusiastic service, professional attitude have left a deep impression on customers. We will continue innovate and keep producing more energy saving, high efficiency, environmental and intelligent products and meet you at Chinaplas2019 in Pazhou, Guangzhou from 21th to 24th May 2019. 

                BEIER Machinery
                ADD:Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, the eastern side of Gangcheng street, Jiangsu Province, China