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                BEIER MACHINERY
                The Leading Brand Of Plastic Machinery Manufacturer In China
                Technical Support
                After the blow molding machine is sent to the customer’s facility, Bestar will send free commissioning engineers to provide technical training for workers in the customer’s plant andprovide long-term technical support and free upgrades and customers Bestar blow molding machine/extrusion blow molding machine.
                Customer Training
                Over time, we are constantly improving technology updates, and each blow molding machine by Bestar has a complete data bank, so we can provide you with remote technical updates, upgrades and other services, let your machine’s performance at all times in the best condition.
                After-sale tracking
                Beier has experienced technical engineers ,which can provide timely, professional and high-efficient after sales service, including product introduction, installation, adjustment, maintenance , technical training , door-to-door service and etc. Excellent after-sales service shows as below:
                If you have any quires about the machine ,We will help you in the shortest time, providing you with solutions through telephone or Internet. If necessary, We can also arrange technical stuff to give maintenance to the door.
                Remote Diagnostics
                Before or in the early delivery period of the blow molding machine, professional technical staff in Bestar will give a comprehensive and detailed training for customer’s technical and operating staff. Through their interacting with customers, answering questions for customers, customers can be familiar with the blow olding machines, which can ensure a normal operation of the blow molding machine and a safty production process.
                BEIER Machinery
                ADD:Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, the eastern side of Gangcheng street, Jiangsu Province, China